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Executive Warrior Training

This is a private course instructed by SOTG trained Urban Marine Scout Sniper with real world experience, tactics, instruction and ability to develop effective, lethal shooters in a short period of time in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.


Weapon proficiency


Terminal ballistics theory (know how to neutralize and disable threats)

Carbine and Pistol familiarization (learn all the parts inside and out)

Cycle of operation (know the stages of the weapons cycle)

Weapons malfunctions (learn to get your weapon back into the fight)



Drawing from holster (wearing a gun belt)

Drawing from appendix (concealing your weapon in your waistband)

Drawing from surrender (taking back the advantage)


Deployable tactics & strategy

Speed and tactical reload (reload your weapon under stress and time)

Multiple threat engagement (pivoting and engaging in a 360* threat environment)

Immediate Incapacitation (methods to stop all threats)

Failure drill ( advanced methods)

Moving and Shooting (techniques for moving, shooting and communicating.

Executive Warrior (2)_edited.jpg

We will test a plethora of fighting kits, body, armor, weapons, optics and run night vision and infrared laser shooting scenarios!


Examples of drills - Gunfighting, Malfunctions, Multiple threat  engagement, Offline engagement, Failure to stop drills, Shooting from cover and Shooting while moving.

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All rifles, pistols, ammo, kits, armor plates, magazines, ear and eye protection provided


Outdoor clothing (No Military BDUs)

Button Down Shirt


Long Pants

Boots (recommended for ankle support)

Hat (recommended)

Sunscreen (recommended)

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