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Meet Morgan

Our in-house physical therapist Morgan is an expert in nerve innervation, clinical therapy, and fascial work. She is a board certified Dr. of Physical Therapy possessing advanced degrees and certifications in Fascial Distortion Model, Manual Therapy, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist. 

Meet Vince

Vincent Peak is Marine Corps Scout Sniper and the creator of the Combat Athlete program. Vincent's extensive resume includes: 

- School of Infantry 

- Infantry Training Battalion

- Machine Gunners Basic School

- Scout Sniper Indoctrination 

- Scout Sniper Basic School

- Advanced Sniper School

- Urban Sniper School

- Aerial Platform Sniper School

- Reconnaissance and Surveillance School

- Sponsored Recon Sniper Foundation Athlete and Shooting Competitor 

To contact Vince, email:

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